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Krediidiinfo AS merged with Experian

10. Oct 2006

Experian, an international company operating in the field of credit information acquired AS Krediidiinfo shares. With this transaction, Krediidiinfo AS becomes Experian`s subsidiary 100%. 

“Acquisition of Krediidinfo strengthens Experian`s position as a leading credit information and administration service provider in Europe. Krediidiinfo has a strong market position, a competent management and consistent growth. We believe that acquisition will bring considerable benefits to both Experian`s and Kerdiidinfo`s clients,” said Experian`s England, Ireland and Northern Europe Regional Manager Richard Fidds. “Experian has long-time experience in the field of credit risks, avoidance of fraud and client administration and adding to it Krediidiinfo`s products and knowledge of the local market, we can offer our Estonian clients very extensive solutions.” 

“I think that with Experian, we have found the ideal new owner, as both companies share a client-centred approach. Through Experian, we obtain access to very important know-how, which enables us to complement our information reports, credit management and marketing information services,” added Krediidinfo Chief Executive Veiko Meos. 

Acquisition of Krediidinfo is in correspondence with Experian`s strategy to acquire additional companies to offer new services and new information or to enter into the markets in new regions, at the same time raising Experian`s value. In the long-term plan, Experian aims to gain a firm footing in the entire Baltic region.