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Press realease: Late presentation of annual reports reduces prospects of being eligible for credits

17. Jun 2009

Krediidiinfo is forced to reduce credit ratings of companies who fail to lodge their annual reports by the prescribed deadline. Poor rating diminishes the company’s prospects of being eligible to a credit. 

To date ca 11 000 companies have filed their 2008 annual reports with the Commercial Register, which amounts to one seventh of the expected number. For the majority of companies the deadline for lodging the reports is 30 June. 

In the environment of rapidly changing economic conditions outdated data causes credit risk to become undetermined. Krediidiinfo’s experience has shown that the companies who tend to be late with disclosing their economic results are those of less than sound financial standing, who – in order to conceal their poor results – delay the publication of their data. 

The rating awarded by Krediidiinfo is a unique complex valuation provided by Krediidiinfo to every Estonian company, which predicts the likelihood of bankruptcy and insolvency of the company. This rating is established based on the key economic and financial figures and ratios. Additionally the information pertaining to business, the basic indicators of the field of economy and the payment behaviour, incl. the credit history of the persons in the management board of the company are taken into consideration. 

The rating awarded by Krediidiinfo is used by many companies (e.g. telecommunication businesses, banks, leasing companies, etc) for establishing their limits and credit terms.