Debt Reminder Management Enables:

  • to send letters
  • to send emails
  • to send SMS-s
  • to make effective reminder calls
  • to send Credit Register notifications
  • to register and close payment defaults in the Credit Register

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Our call centre locates in Tartu where our credit reminder specialists are working in modern environment with the best technology.


Why is Reminder Management Useful?

Reminder Management will make the process of credit management of your company more efficient. Due to supporting IT-solution, all the necessary operations of Reminder Management will be carried out systematically and in an organized manner. All the information is obtainable and administratable at e-Krediidiinfo. According to the experience of our clients, the yearly amount of bad debts will decrease 50%.

How Debt Reminder Management Works?

  1. You send us the file with the list of your debtors.
  2. We register your clients in our Reminder Management program.
  3. Our program adds probabilities of payment defaults and risk assessments to make reminder management more precise.
  4. According to the agreed processing schemes and risk principles, we send input to different channels and databases (post, e-mail, call centre, SMS, Credit Register).
  5. Our Credit Administrator reviews all significant information and decides whether or not to approve the system-generated recommendations.
  6. Different channels and systems (post, e-mail, call centre, SMS, Credit Register) perform agreed actions.
  7. The program prepares and delivers dedicated report.
  8. The entire credit management process is available for real time review at e-Krediidiinfo.

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