Information on payment defaults is entered and used by Estonian creditors from all vital areas, such as banking, communications, telecommunications, fuel, trade, construction, rental, transportation, etc.


What is a Payment Default?

Debts lasting more than 45 days, the amount of which is at least 30 euros at the time of transmission, are published in the non-payment register.

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Reasons to Enter Debt Information to the Payment Default Register?

Using the Payment Default Register speeds up the payment of debts, warns other entrepreneurs about debtors and helps everyone make smarter credit decisions.

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Who Can Enter Data to the Registry?

Companies that have entered into an agreement with Creditinfo Estonia have the right to enter the company’s payment defaults in the payment default register through e-Krediidiinfo.


How to Enter Debts to the Registry?

The registration of individual payment defaults in the Payment Default Register takes place in multiple of stages. More detailed overview can be seen in e-Krediidiinfo.

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How much does it cost to enter payment defaults in e-Krediidiinfo in the Payment Default Register?

Entering payment orders via e-Krediidiinfo is free of charge. Prior to the publication of a payment default, a notice shall be sent to the debtor in case of payment failures entered through e-Krediidiinfo. The cost of sending each payment default notification by post is EUR 2.46 + VAT and by e-mail EUR 1.07 + VAT.


How to View Company Debts?

Payment Default Register is an effective tool for checking a company’s credit history. Debts can be checked by e-Krediidiinfo Proff XL users.

It is also possible to obtain information through various reports, for example, a comprehensive report on a company’s payment defaults shows whether and how much the company has debts to the state or private companies.


How to View Person’s Debts?

An individual can view their payment default information from My Creditinfo.


Complaints Resolving Regarding Debts

We recommend at first to contact the creditor who entered the debt information. Changes in details of the default are only possible in cooperation with the creditor.

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