Complaints Resolving Regarding Debts


1.1. Credit Register is the Official Credit Register which is maintained by Creditinfo Eesti AS and which includes data about payment defaults of natural and legal persons;
1.2. Payment default is a debt of a natural or legal person, as described in the Credit Register;
1.3. Data inputter is a person who has entered into a respective contract with Creditinfo Eesti AS, giving the person the right to input data about his or her debtors in the Credit Register.
1.4. Conditions are these conditions for solving claims.
1.5. Disputer is a natural or legal person who has submitted a notice to dispute an entry about him- or herself in the Credit Register;
1.6. Dispute is an application of a disputer, submitted in accordance with these conditions for removal of a payment default entry from the Credit Register;


2.1. These procedures for solving claims are accessible on the internet homepage of Creditinfo Eesti AS at, and a data subject is entitled to demand termination of processing of his or her personal data as well as rectification, closure or deletion of the personal data in accordance with valid legislations.
2.2. Creditinfo Eesti AS denies responsibility for consequences caused by violation of conditions, set forth by these procedures, by a data inputter.


3.1. Submission of a complaint is the submission of an application by the appellant to Creditinfo Estonia in accordance with these terms and conditions.
3.2. The complaint must contain at least the following information:
3.2.1. the first and last name, postal address and / or e-mail address of the complainant; in the case of a representative of a legal person, the basis for the right of representation (law or authorization) must also be indicated and in the case of an authorized representative of an individual, an authorization must be appended to the complaint;
3.2.2. which entry in the payment default register is disputed and whether the entry is disputed in whole or in part (amount of the payment default, time of the beginning or end of the payment default, etc.);
3.2.3. the reason (s) for the complaint and the request;
3.3. The complaint must be submitted as an identified user by logging in to the My Creditinfo environment
3.4. As an alternative, it is possible to submit a complaint in writing by e-mail When submitting complaints by e-mail, it is necessary to digitally sign the application in the case of private persons.


4.1. After receipt of a dispute, Creditinfo Eesti AS shall forward the dispute to the inputter of the disputed data.
4.2. The data inputter shall solve the dispute within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt thereof, by informing the disputer and Creditinfo Eesti AS of his or her decision and, if needed, rectifying or deleting the disputed entry of the Credit Register.
4.3. Creditinfo Eesti AS shall be entitled to delete a unilaterally disputed entry of the Credit Register if the data inputter disregards these procedures upon solving the dispute.