Strongest in Estonia certificate is Estonia’s best-known, oldest and most widely used quality label, which can only be purchased by companies with an exemplary credit rating (A, AA or AAA).

We have certified successful companies with a high credit rating in Estonia for 21 years.

Strongest in Estonia certificate is based on the company’s previous financial year. In addition – companies that have been successful for a long time, can apply for a certificate, where the financial results of the last 5, 10, 15 or 20 years have continuously shown strong results. These companies are the most reliable business partners and employers in the Republic of Estonia with a consistent exemplary credit rating.

Why buy Strongest in Estonia certificate?

  • Prove the strong business health of your company with the help of an objective external professional partner;
  • Support your exports, because the Strongest certificate is used throughout the Baltics by Creditinfo Group, the largest group of credit bureaus in the region;
  • Increase employee satisfaction & attract the best talent in the job market with a clear competitive advantage;
  • Increase your sales by having a distinctive competitive advantage in the market. Showcase this advantage with email footers & social media banners;
  • Contribute to the growth of the company’s reputation by being featured in Delfi Ärileht;
  • Your company’s data has a highly successful Strongest in Estonia certificate & quality recognition on Estonia’s largest business information portal e-Krediidiinfo (over 12 million views per year)

Attention! In case the payment practices worsen, the “Strongest in Estonia“ certificate and the right to use the label is cancelled.

Please find the list of Strongest Estonian companies in Delfi Ärileht!

Certificate is provided in different formats:

  • With all certification packages, we provide the necessary digital PDF certificates (in Estonian, English, Russian & Finnish) to prove the status of a Strongest in Estonia in marketing and other communication channels.
  • The certificate’s digital seals in Estonian, English, Russian & Finnish are suitable for use on the company webpage, quotations, presentations, invoice blanks and e-mails. The seals can be easily placed on digital banners and posters.
  • The e-mail footer images that come with the certificate are suitable for use in your out-of-home e-mail correspondence, signaling to partners a strong financial position.
  • In addition, the certificate comes with social media (Linkedin, Facebook) banners that you can use on your company’s social media channels.
  • We also offer the certificate in paper & gold framed, in Estonian, English, Russian or Finnish.

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Krediidireitingu raporti näidis

Credit Rating Report

A free credit rating report for your company.

Strongest in Estonia packages

Digital package

  • Digital certificate in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish
  • Digital seals in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish
  • E-mail footer for emphasizing the certificate in correspondence
  • Social media banners to highlight the certificate on your company’s Facebook & Linkedin pages
  • The “Strongest in Estonia” label on your company’s profile for the duration of retaining the rating on e-Krediidiinfo website
  • The name of the company on the list of the Strongest in Estonia companies in Delfi Ärileht all year round

1 year – 339 € +VAT

5 years – 439€ +VAT

Premium package

Everything included in the digital package, and in addition:

  • Framed certificate in the language of your choice
  • Printed out certificates in other languages if needed
  • Door or car stickers (2+3 pcs) for marking Your service areas
  • The courier will bring the certificate package to your doorstep!

1 year – 399 € +VAT

5 years – 499 € +VAT

10+ Digital package

Everything included in the above digital package, and also:

  • A publication of your company’s success story in Delfi Ärileht – we will also help you prepare the article!
  • Free 1 year digital package;
  • We are also ready to publish an interview with you in the Delfi podcast Creditcast >

10 / 15 / 20 years

639 € +VAT

10+ Premium package

Everything included in digital package, and in addition:

We will deliver a beautiful Strongest in Estonia glass table clock by courier to your address.

Agnes Torm, a renowned Estonian glass artist, handcrafts a beautiful glass table clock for every long-term Strongest in Estonia company, which is a worthy sign of success in your office.

NB! 10+ Strongest company reflectors as a gift!

10 / 15 / 20 years

799 € +VAT

Strongest in other Baltic states