Credit Score shows how probable it is that a private person will fail to pay invoices. The probability is determined on the basis of the person’s profile by comparing it to the sample consisting of people with similar risk behavior. The method of private person’s credit solvency assessment is based on a statistical model. The model forecasts the person’s credit behavior in the future by taking into account person’s payment defaultsbusiness activitynovelty and activity on the credit marketinformation about immovables. The result is expressed as a percentage of probability whether the private person will have payment defaults in the next 12 months.

What information the report includes?

  • Credit score and probability of default
  • The Population Register’s information
  • Payment defaults from Credit Register
  • Claims of Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • Valid trade and enterprise bans
  • Companies related to the person
  • Immovables related to the person
  • Official announcements related to the person