Terms for Processing Complaints

We are making every effort every day to ensure that you are a long-term satisfied customer of ours. Your feedback and proposals are always important to us.

If you notice any deficiencies in our products and services or in our customer service, please let us know of it, using the following options:

You can file a complaint either personally or via a representative.

In the case of a written (including electronic or written reproducible) enquiry, be sure to include your full name and contact details (phone, e-mail or postal address) so that we would be able to contact you. We also ask you to indicate which sales contract your enquiry concerns and what is the cause of your dissatisfaction. If possible, please include the date of conclusion of the relevant sales contract (date of placing the order).

The processing of a complaint may involve the processing of your personal data and therefore we have to establish your identity before starting the proceedings. Please take this into account before filing a complaint and, if possible, send the complaint digitally signed or while logged into the My Creditinfo portal.

Upon receiving the complaint, we shall send you a respective confirmation.

We shall respond to your enquiry at the first opportunity, but not later than within 15 days from the receipt of your enquiry. If solving the complaint takes longer, we shall immediately notify you of the new response term and the reasons for the extension of the term. We shall send a reasoned reply to your enquiry to your preferred e-mail or postal address.

If you wish to receive information about a complaint you have filed, please phone 665 9600 or send an enquiry by e-mail to info@creditinfo.ee.

If we remain in disagreement or fail to achieve a compromise at the end of processing your complaint, you shall have the right to refer the dispute to a court for settlement.

If you are a consumer, you shall before referring the matter to court have the right to turn to the Committee for Consumer Complaints at the Consumer Protection Board, which is an entity for the extra-judicial settlement of disputes. The contact details of the Committee for Consumer Complaints are: Consumer Protection Board, address Pronksi 12, Tallinn 10117, phone 6 201 920, e-mail avaldus@komisjon.ee, https://komisjon.ee/et. More detailed information on filing an application with the Committee for Consumer Complaints as well as the procedural rules of the Committee, etc. is available here.

If you as a consumer have concluded a sales contract with us via the My Creditinfo portal or the
e-Krediidiinfo portal, you may seek extra-judicial settlement via the ODR platform http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. The said environment allows you to submit electronic complaints to a dispute resolution body where disputes between consumers and companies are processed.