As a manager or co-operator in a company (CEO, CFO, lawyer, partnership manager, etc.), you are responsible for ensuring that each business transaction and co-operation agreement complies with the rules for combating money laundering and terrorist financing when conducting business.

We give a brief overview of KYC’s principles of getting to know our customers.

The state has obliged you to know your customers and partners. Get acquainted with the laws >>

It is a good idea for each exporting company to have clear answers to the following questions:

  • What laws require companies to fight money laundering and terrorist financing and to follow KYC rules?
  • How to study the background of the client and the partner in practice?
  • What tools are available to effectively meet KYC requirements?
  • What is PEP, ie why do you need to be aware and careful about doing money laundering when doing business with socially influential people?
  • How to prevent infection with money laundering schemes and conduct background checks on business relationships around the world?

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