• Accelerates the payment of debts – on average 25% of published defaults are paid in the first month and 40% in 3 months;
  • Warns other companies about a cooperation or contract partner with bad payment behavior – more than 800,000 inquiries about payment defaults are made in Creditinfo environments in one month;
  • Helps Estonian entrepreneurs make the right credit decisions and enables the application of the principle of responsible lending – the debt information entered in the register is used in rating and score calculation models and credit assessments.

There are 2 ways to enter data to the Payment Default Register:

  • If there are not many debtors, we recommend entering payment defaults via e-Krediidiinfo. In order to obtain the right to enter payment defaults, a framework agreement must be entered into for the use of e-Krediidiinfo. The one-time contract conclusion fee is 50 € + km.
  • In the case of a larger number of debtors, it is reasonable to transmit the data through the interface. Specific conditions will be agreed in the contract.

To enter into the agreement required for entering payment defaults, send a free-form message with contact information to
info@creditinfo.ee or call 665 9600